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Success Stories

Without seeing Kim prior to surgery, I wouldn’t have been as successful. She fed me a wealth of information about healthy eating/choices. She didn’t shame me, she made me feel normal even though I was obese. She was at my beck and call whenever I needed her. I’m forever grateful for her. Her role in this journey is so vital, and she is an incredible resource and cheerleader. I’m starting to struggle at a year out, so it’s time to see her again.

– Karen W.



Having gastric sleeve surgery was the best thing I could have ever done for my overall health and well-being. From the very beginning of the process, I felt comfortable with the nutritionist and surgical team and felt guided and supported throughout the tough decision as to whether or not I was going to go through with this life-changing procedure. Attending the bariatric support groups before having my surgery was also really helpful. To hear from those that had already been through the process and were over a year out from surgery was, and continues to be, so beneficial. Knowing that this surgery is just a tool in your toolbox, and not a cure-all, really helped prepare me for what I hope will be a permanent life change.

– Katie R.



Dr. Xu, Kim Gilliland, and the entire team in this program are a blessing. Dr. Xu is very present, accessible, down to earth, and thorough in his explanation of procedures, benefits, and answers all questions.

Kim is awesome in her own regard! The information she gives, checking in on candidates through and post process is so comforting. The counseling sessions help candidates navigate the emotions and questions they have from initial consult, to surgery schedule, to checking in after all is completed.

I highly suggest anyone considering surgical weight loss consider Dr. Xu and his team, they are patient focused and you feel this as a person, not just another candidate.

– William G.



I decided to have weight loss surgery, not only to look better but to get healthy … I came down with pneumonia … and I was very sick. At that point I realized that I was very unhealthy and needed to make a change to be the best mom I could be, the best wife I could be, the best me I could be. … I knew I needed that kick start, that “tool” that weight loss surgery gives you. … I would do it 10 times again if I had to … the recovery was quite easy. The nurses were obviously well trained and treated me like family. … I’ve lost 117 lbs. I’m more energetic … I’m more active with my family...”

– Donna H.



I decided to have weight loss surgery because I’ve tried all sorts of other things. Pretty much every crash diet you can think of. … The St. Rose team was amazing during the whole thing. Everyone was very supportive, really helpful, friendly, and kind. They made me feel like I was making the right decision. ... I’ve lost over 100 lbs. … You don’t realize exactly how much excess your body is carrying until it’s not there anymore.

– Brandon G.



I’ve tried losing weight many different ways, and I know for myself, that I needed weight loss surgery to be successful. …Preparing for surgery was easier than I thought it was going to be … I anticipated it to be awful and miserable and it wasn’t at all. Since my weight loss surgery, I’ve lost 112 lbs. My energy has gone through the roof, I feel happier, lighter, all around much better. It’s just a peace of mind knowing I’m healthy. The surgery gave me a tool to be successful …"

– Sonja J.



My daughter is just 19 now, but I want to be there for my grandkids. I want to see them grow and play with them. I have arthritis in both knees, and being active used to be painful … I still have arthritis. But with less weight on my joints, the pain is much less. ... My attitude is a lot better, and I think I project that. People tell me I look happier. I smile a lot more.

– Vanessa S.